Entre Folhas ...Tão só juntar as mãos ...

Tão só juntar as mãos

Um acto tão singelo,
tão humano
tão harmonioso no amor,
tão querido e amado,
tão só juntar as mãos,
tão só,
e um beijo de cinco estrelas,
que não te dei,
procurei-te na tua cínica noite,
onde dizes sempre encontrar-me,
vestido de apaixonado.

Tão sozinho e tão complicado.



Entre Folhas ... What sound all these shades? ...

For a footpath of my vague sleep,
I stroll around, for the footpath of your thighs,
the forest of your harmony wraps up me
the center of your emotional centers.

The fingers get longer me to your meeting
the lips are opened to you for my step,
the looks they converge to the point of the desire,
us the body sweats without rubbing us.

We stroll around for a footpath
to the south of our backs.

we bite infinite words
that you bite me I do not know how to say it to you
when I look at your half-open lips,
that you bite me in the parts that look for you
that you are rocks where my waves explode,
limpet where to notice, stone that dedicates you.

The perfume of your breast gets soaked me
in the abyss of the prism of the desire,
and I throw water, or throw fire,
it thickens my spittle pronounces
the point where the pride gets lost
it is wept like the first time,
it never loves itself like the last one
it seemed rare or different, this being
that thinks you imagining cloud,
exploding the beats in your mouth.

And it is so normal.

To turn into fantasy …

What sound all these shades?